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Our Florida VOP attorneys are here to help. Call 877-728-9653 for more information or get a free consultation now. Even if you only think you may have violated your probation, it is not too early to consult with the Carlson & Meissner criminal defense team. We have local offices in Clearwater, Bradenton, Tampa, Spring Hill, and New Port Richey.Accused of Violating Probation? Here is What You Need to Know. If you have been charged with violation of probation (VOP) you need act quickly. In Florida, this type of charge can turn into a serious crime, with very serious consequences. Under state law, there are two types of probation violations:The Tampa violation of probation attorneys of Hackworth Law can assist you with your arraignment and throughout the VOP process. There are a number of things that can be done before your arraignment so it is imperative that you quickly contact the Tampa attorneys of Hackworth Law for a free consultation.joshua artez gray, 27, of St. Petersburg, was arrested by Gulfport Police on the charges of NVDL COC, Failure to Appear Failure to Comply, VOP Possession of Marijuana, all misdemeanors and Fleeing and.Thomas & Paulk has handled more than 7,000 cases, equipping our legal team with the necessary knowledge and resources. It is important to know that you have the right to challenge any allegations that you have violated probation. For this reason, working with our tampa criminal defense attorneys may be the key to protecting your future.Violation of Probation Have you violated your Probation? You need an experienced defense attorney with experience handling violation of probation and getting early termination of probation for good behavior. thomas C. Grajek, Attorney at Law is a top rated lawyer with offices in Lakeland, Tampa, and Lutz, Florida.- Tampa Violation of Probation Lawyer, Leslie Sammis with the Sammis Law Firm, P.A. VOP Lawyers practicing in Violation of Probation, DUI, Domestic Violence, Habitual Traffic Offender, Drug Crimes.Bail is set at $5,000 for the first charge. Daniel D. Pokrajac, 19, of Gulfport, was arrested by Gulfport Police on the charges of VOP aggravated battery, Escape, Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer.